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Prothonotary / Clerk of Courts

Duties as Prothonotary

As Prothonotary, this is office is the chief clerk and record keeper for civil proceedings and is responsible for:

  • Appointment of divorce masters and arbitrators
  • Certification and transmittal of all appeal cases to higher courts
  • Collection of state taxes on legal documents
  • Custodian for divorce costs, arbitration funds, Common Pleas Court funds, divorce testimony, court exhibits and Common Pleas Court Seal
  • Payment of all civil court jurors
  • Preparation of Argument List and Civil Court Trial List
  • Recording and filing of various legal papers
  • Signature and authorization of all writs and processes of the court

Duties as Clerk of Courts

As Clerk of Courts, this office is chief clerk and record keeper for criminal proceedings and is responsible for:

  • Administers oaths and affirmations
  • Certifies payments of all jurors
  • Collects and transmits all fines and forfeited bonds
  • Custodian of all bail bond money
  • Custodian of all juvenile records
  • Custodian of the seal of the court
  • Custody and maintenance of records of all Accelerated Rehabilitative Disposition (ARD) cases
  • Keeps minutes of each hearing and trial
  • Maintains a record of all exhibits received into evidence
  • Swears in all juries and witnesses
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