About the Department

In January 2005, the Venango County Planning Commission became the Venango County Regional Planning Commission (VCRPC) in order to provide more direct professional planning services to our municipalities. As evidence of the support for this regional approach to planning, we are happy to report that all 31 municipalities in Venango County are members of the VCRPC.

Services Provided

Each municipality in Venango County is invited to join this approach to a county Planning Commission being used across the Commonwealth. The VCRPC is staffed by trained professional planners to provide services related but not limited to:

  • Subdivision and land development review
  • In-house staff review of small project stormwater management applications
  • Administration of engineered stormwater management plan review
  • Environmental reviews
  • Flood plain management
  • Geographic Information Services (GIS) including the preparation of specialized maps for use by municipalities
  • Grant administration
  • Preparation of grant applications
  • Ordinance preparation and review
  • Zoning administration
  • And other planning related functions

Participant Fees

Each participating municipality will pay a fee of fifty cents per person (based upon the most recent census information).

Review Fees

Residents of member municipalities will have the minor subdivision review fee of $100 waived.

Looking for more information about review fees for subdivisions or development projects? Click here for more information.


Grant applications would be prepared at no charge to participating municipalities, and grant administration will be offered at a negotiated fee.


Staff of the VCRPC will be made available to attend municipal meetings on an as needed and as available basis at no charge to participating municipalities. In effect, the municipalities are hiring an extended staff. For the municipalities that do not join the VCRPC, these services are still available but fees apply. Joint and regional efforts are also more likely to receive funding from state and federal sources as well as attract support from a larger area.

Improved Quality of Planning

It is our strong belief that improving the quality of planning in Venango County will not only assist municipalities in the day to day functions related to subdivision, land development, and grant applications, but will also provide long term benefits in terms of obtaining grants, providing realistic opportunities for economic development and working with communities to protect their built and natural environments.